About Us

SBI clears pathways to bring visions to life

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For more than 25 years, SBI has served as a trusted advisor to investors, non-profit organizations, public-private partnerships, and developers around the globe as they navigate the challenges inherent in complex construction projects.

Our diverse team works closely with project stakeholders from the pre-planning stages through post-construction, asking the questions that others often miss. We place a premium on efficiency, ingenuity, innovation, and strong communication as we develop and maintain a customized approach to each assignment.

We specialize in deconstructing complicated scenarios with precision, pragmatism and creative thinking, offering leadership, technical and advisory solutions that empower our clients to assess and manage risk and forge a pathway to success.

At SBI, we find a way.

“The SBI team is high-functioning. They get deep into the project, come to know its intricacies, spot the potential issues, and stay on top of them till they are resolved.”
Peter Lehrer, CEO, Lehrer LLC