Our Team

With strong representation in multiple US cities, SBI’s diverse team of engineers, planners and construction management professionals is poised to respond quickly, helping you develop effective industry solutions.

At SBI, we recognize the interconnectedness of project components and work closely with stakeholders to decipher and resolve each potential challenge before it becomes an issue. We strive to offer thought-provoking ideas that consistently exceed expectations, and our dynamic approach and collaborative spirit distinguish us from our competitors.

Wajdi Atallah

Wajdi Atallah President

For more than 30 years, Wajdi Atallah has collaborated on complex projects in the public and private sectors across the United States, Canada and the Middle East. His portfolio includes transportation hubs, hotels, multi-use buildings, cultural institutions, historic landmarks and state-of-the-art research and health care facilities.

In 1998, Wajdi established SBI Consultants, a strategic advisory firm of engineers, planners and construction management professionals, to help developers manage cost, mitigate risk and successfully achieve their goals. Today, Wajdi’s expertise is regularly sought by project owners, investors, mediators and colleagues who need to ensure that a project is delivered on time and within budget.

Wajdi’s deep understanding of the field, and his highly focused style of evaluation, was established prior to SBI, while he worked for a world-renowned construction leader as a Project Engineer, Scheduler, Cost Engineer, Project Manager, and Superintendent. In these early roles, Wajdi developed a rigorous approach to problem-solving that considers the totality of the project lifecycle, and the myriad ways that precise details connect with the big picture.

Wajdi holds advanced and undergraduate degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University and is a licensed Professional Engineer. He serves on the External Advisory Board to the Mechanical Engineering Department of Columbia University and has been a member of AACE International, the Urban Land Institute, the Grant Monument Association and other civic organizations.

  • Akram Atallah

    With over 35 years of experience, Akram provides Leadership and Advisory Solutions to our clients and manages our team in the planning and risk mitigation of projects.

  • Alex Lachaud

    A Project Manager providing Leadership Solution to our clients. He is experienced in all disciplines on projects involving healthcare, infrastructure, hospitality and build-to-suit.

  • Andrew Gisondi

    Andrew supports the SBI team in providing Leadership and Technical Solutions. He heads our MEP estimating team and is skilled in analyzing and presenting complex cost information data.

  • Avery Toland

    Avery’s experience extends to the US, Europe and Asia. She supports our senior team in providing Leadership and Technical Solutions on cultural and healthcare projects.

  • Avinash Ramlakhan

    With his talent in visualization and modelling, Avi is providing Leadership and Technical Solutions on a varied portfolio including health care, hospitality, residential and infrastructure projects.

  • Crystal Banh

    Crystal provides Leadership and Technical Solutions to the team. Coming from a structural engineering and construction administration background, she is accustomed to working on high-profile complex infrastructure projects with tight deadlines and strict budgets.

  • Elias Choueiri

    Elias’s Engineering and Finance background inform his skill in supporting our team providing Leadership and Technical Solutions on assignments involving commercial, infrastructure and healthcare projects.

  • James Grogg

    A seasoned Project Manager, James combines his educational and hands on-experience to deliver exceptional Leadership Solutions on commercial, hospitality and cultural projects.

  • Jingxuan Zhang

    Jingxuan, is leading the cost estimating team providing support to our Advisory, Leadership and Technical Solutions on healthcare, residential and multi-use projects in the New York City Metro area

  • Linda Donofrio

    Linda ensures that SBI team members are apprised of activities within the Company and is responsible for coordinating our Leadership’s schedules.

  • Louvenia Chomata

    Louvenia is a well-versed engineer with a background in civil engineering, finance, and management. She provides Technical and Leadership Solutions on educational, healthcare, and infrastructure projects.

  • Maddali Paci

    By applying her expertise in mathematics and computer science to the construction field, Maddali leads the harnessing of data from historical and ongoing projects and the analysis of trends for future forecasting.

  • Michelle Grossman

    Michelle is a licensed Professional Engineer with strong site planning and civil engineering background. She is an invaluable member of our Advisory and Leadership Solutions teams and provides support on educational, healthcare and infrastructure projects.

  • Natalia Petricek

    Careful financial planning is essential to the success of SBI. Natalia leverages her skill in finance and project management to guide the growth of SBI.

  • Nina Arron

    Nina has over 25 years in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors and has been providing and coordinating Leadership and Technical Solutions to our clients.

  • Richard Sommer

    Richard brings over 35 years of experience providing Technical Solutions in the Public and Private arenas, involving healthcare, cultural, education, commercial, residential, hospitality and infrastructure sectors.

  • Robert Kubler

    Robert is responsible for apprising our clients of the account status of our agreements as well as ensuring that our service providers are paid timely.

  • Rosa Melillo

    As project manager, Rosa combines her engineering and project management skills delivering Leadership and Technical Solutions on world-class cultural and healthcare projects.

  • Samar Bedran

    With several years of experience including the Middle East and England, Samar is the project manager in charge of Leadership Solutions on a leading-edge healthcare project.