70 Pine Street

This premier downtown mixed use address captures the vibrant spirit of classic New York while reclaiming its place as a historic fixture of the Manhattan skyline.

70 Pine Street is a 1932-vintage Art Deco skyscraper located in downtown Manhattan. With its stunning exterior and lobby, gothic spire and majestic views from upper floors, the development team sought to reimagine the 67-story landmark building for modern residential living while capturing the vibrant spirit of classic New York.
SBI Consultants was retained by Rose Associates and DTH Capital to provide advisory and technical solutions to transform 70 Pine Street into a mixed-use building featuring 644 luxury rental apartments, a rooftop restaurant in the former observation deck in the crown of the building, a fitness, spa and wellness club, 35,000 SF of retail space, and 132 extended stay apartments.
Joining the project team when the project was already under development and running behind schedule, the SBI team provided essential Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling services for efficient project scheduling and cost management. Specific tasks involved validation of the ongoing progress of the project; participation in weekly project meetings, walk-throughs and schedule discussions; review of monthly schedule updates; and advising the client on potential recovery paths in the event further delays were encountered by the construction team.
Throughout this ambitious top-to-bottom building transformation, SBI represented the interests of the Client and was highly responsive to the client’s needs during the course of the project. SBI provided consistent and reliable technical and managerial expertise as well as an objective sounding board to the development team; ensured smooth collaboration and communication between the parties involved; and anticipated problems, offered guidance, and worked to successfully manage the outcomes.
As a result of SBI’s expert advisory and technical solutions, 70 Pine Street has become a premier downtown residential address and has reclaiming its place as a historic fixture of the Manhattan skyline.

  • Location New York, NY
  • Solutions Critical Path Method (CPM), Scheduling Services
  • Completion 2014
  • CM Plaza Construction
  • Size 1,026,454 sq. ft
  • Client Rose Associates