Our Solutions


Whether we join you from the very beginning, or come aboard mid-stream, we provide an incomparable proactive approach for assessing and controlling your project scope, schedule and costs. Every day we engage in:

· Scope Development and Programming
· Development of Cost Model and Estimate
· Cost Estimating (at all levels)
· Value Engineering
· Constructability Reviews


Construction projects have a lot of moving parts. Whether it is basic, cost or resource loaded, we provide skilled application of CPM Schedules to accurately manage a project’s flow and ensure accountability. Our CPM Schedules reveal potential pitfalls so that delays and cost issues can be avoided. They can also be utilized for:

· Resource and Financial Management
· Contract Administration
· Change Management and Dispute Resolution


Construction is complex and risky. We serve as an objective sounding board and experienced advocate; guiding you through the feasibility, design, bid, construction, and closeout phases of the project. We will be at your side and on your side, providing you with the highest-quality services to mitigate construction complications and risk. We will assist you with:

· Negotiating favorable contract terms
· Assuring adherence to contractual obligations for cost, schedule, and quality.
· Facilitating effective collaboration and communication


Construction claims and disputes can be costly, in both time and money. SBI Consultants can assist you in avoiding construction claims and resolving disputes. We have in-house capabilities to assess documents, summarize causes of delay and/or damage incurred, and produce illustrative graphics and network logic schedules that may also be used for expert testimony.


Surprises are never welcome on construction projects. We perform audits that uncover hidden costs, schedule and quality issues at the earliest possible opportunity; allowing time to adjust before the bottom line is impacted. We then analyze projects while they are in progress to reconcile contractual requirements against actual events and billings to provide fully-informed, clear, and concise recommendations.


Investments require due diligence. Our extensive training and years of experience managing project costs and risk enable us to provide valuable advisory services to our clients, including:

· Evaluation of physical plant
· Assessment of construction risks by analyzing and evaluating:

· project budgets
· documents and agreements
· permits and required approvals
· project schedules
· team development

· Assistance with preparation of cost model and anticipated time line
· Review and assessment of project management team
· Assistance with negotiations from early stages of development through bidding and subcontractor selections
· Project oversight and monitoring to ensure compliance with investment objectives