Our Solutions


Construction projects have a lot of moving parts. Whether it is basic, cost or resource loaded, we provide skilled application of CPM Schedules to accurately manage a project’s flow and ensure accountability. Our CPM Schedules reveal potential pitfalls so that delays and cost issues can be avoided. They can also be utilized for:

· Cost Engineering
· Scheduling and Project Control
· Lifescycle Costing
· Costing Auditing
· Procurement of Construction Services


Whether we join you from the very beginning, or come aboard mid-stream, we provide an incomparable proactive approach for assessing and controlling your project scope, schedule and costs. Every day we engage in:

· Project Quality Program
· Project Collaborations and Communicationt
· Contract Negotiations
· Contract Administration
· Project Management/ Owners Representation
· Project Oversight
· Change Order Management
· Project Handover and Closeout


Construction is complex and risky. We serve as an objective sounding board and experienced advocate; guiding you through the feasibility, design, bid, construction, and closeout phases of the project. We will be at your side and on your side, providing you with the highest-quality services to mitigate construction complications and risk. We will assist you with:

· Due Diligence
· Feasability Studiese
· Dispute Resolution and Guidence
· Risk Assesment, Managment and Mitigation.
· Auditing and Reconciliation